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Lite Initiatives

LITE’s mission is to motivate individuals, groups, businesses and even whole communities to live lightly and more efficiently. A Sonoma County based activist group initially incorporated as Car-Lite, we promote simple, sustainable practices with significant consequences – such as driving less, walking and biking, carpooling and taking public transit as well as consuming less, reusing and recycling, buying fresh and local, growing your own food and greening your business.

Sierra Club, Redwood Chapter, Sonoma Group

Explore, enjoy, and protect the planet. The Sonoma Group consists of members who live in Sonoma County, while the Redwood Chapter includes parts of 9 counties and covers most of north-west California.

Santa Rosa
The Sonoma County Transportation & Land-Use Coalition

The SCTLC discusses the shortcomings of the auto-centric approaches that dominate our lives. At the same time we present constructive alternatives that are realistic and economic.

Santa Rosa
Transition Sonoma Valley

Transition Sonoma Valley is building a responsive network of local citizens, groups and businesses to create a resilient, self-reliant community in response to the challenges of climate change, peak oil, and economic instability.